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Managing Stress

This 1 day course will help you to identify the causes and symptoms of your stress and learn strategies which will enable you to take back control of your life!

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**New** Employee Engagement

This 2 day course is aimed at Mangers who wish to work 'smarter not harder' by accessing and harnessing the true potential offered by their people. It will offer practcal strategies for enaging people leading to greater motivation, creativity and productivity.

To perform at our optimal best, we need to feel involved and that we are able to positively effect our organisation - simply put, we need to be engaged.

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Stress For Managers

This one day course is designed for Line Managers and Human Resources personnel who need to understand their part in ensuring that their organisation’s legal responsibility in respect of “Duty of Care” by is and that their people are not subjected to unreasonable levels of stress in the workplace.

More specifically, this course will enable delegates to understand their role in managing stress in the workplace and to consider strategies which they and their organisation can adopt to reduce and deal with stress. This course also considers steps can be taken to minimise stressors and what they can do when stress occurs.

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Why you should attend this workshop

As a Manager, you have a responsibility to get the best from your people. Understanding the causes and effects of stress and what to do when it occurs can lead to a healthier, more motivated workforce, working together in a supportive way to achieve excellent results.

Lack of positive action when it is needed most may lead to increased absenteeism, high staff turnover, negative attitudes, poor customer service, overall low productivity and high failure costs.

Managers and organisations have a “duty of care” to their staff. In recent years, this duty has been extended beyond physical safety to include emotional and mental well-being. Failure to discharge this responsibility has lead to many stress injury cases being brought to court, resulting in large compensation awards. To lack knowledge of what to do to prevent stress and deal with it when it does occur, can have serious consequences for individuals and organisations.

Important Note For Employers:

“Any employer who offers a confidential counselling advice service with access to treatment is unlikely to be found in breach of duty.”

Lord Justice Hale – Court of Appeal, 4th February 2002

Call us now on 01279 507986 to find out about our confidential counselling advice service for your people.

The benefits of attending:

The day will consist of presentations, discussions and small group exercises. The programme is very practical and you will find yourself able to implement the strategies you learn immediately in order to gain instant benefits for you and your people. You will be encouraged to plan actions that will enable you to maximise the benefits which you can derive from the course.

This course will help you:

  • Identify stress levels
  • Improve staff commitment and motivation
  • Improve productivity
  • Deal with the causes of stress
  • Reduce sick absence costs
  • Attract and retain highly motivated people
  • Overcome poor performance
  • Comply with your duty of care

When stress gets out of hand, the effects are far reaching, often affecting not only our own health but also those around us. Stress symptoms may also create further problems such as ill health, difficulties in relationships, low productivity at work, accident proneness, etc.

You Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the organisational and managerial implications of stress
  • Identify stress within your organisation and your team
  • Use a number of models to help you assess and deal with stress
  • Understand the legal perspective
  • Plan and undertake risk assessment/audits

What people have said about this course:

“This presenter clearly knows his subject”
Simon Quelch, Solicitor

“Excellent. Varied use of theories, practical exercises and discussion, backed up by obviously high-level and in depth knowledge.”
Lisa Hepi, HR Advisor, Braintree District Council

“Nicely paced course – good handouts and good practical”
Ian Harden, Welfare Benefits Officer

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