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Managing Stress

This 1 day course will help you to identify the causes and symptoms of your stress and learn strategies which will enable you to take back control of your life!

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Influencing for Success

This exciting 2 day programme will give you a set of dynamic tools that will enable you to create and maintain rapport with anyone quickly and develop to transform your influencing skills!

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**New** Handling Difficult Conversations

A 1 day course aimed at Mangers who need to deal assertively and sensitively with thir people in challenging situations such as redundancy, performance management, changes occuring in respect of restructuring etc

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Coaching the NLP Way

This 2 day course will enable you harness the powerful strategies of NLP to enhance your coaching and discover the difference that makes the difference

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**New** Employee Engagement

This 2 day course is aimed at Mangers who wish to work 'smarter not harder' by accessing and harnessing the true potential offered by their people. It will offer practcal strategies for enaging people leading to greater motivation, creativity and productivity.

To perform at our optimal best, we need to feel involved and that we are able to positively effect our organisation - simply put, we need to be engaged.

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"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
Andy Warhol

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NLP Diploma

Training Format

This three day programme will introduce you to the fascinating and exciting world of NLP.

Through a variety of sessions including discussions, small group exercises and demonstrations, you will come to understand the concepts and beliefs which underpin the strategies and sample some of the empowering techniques which make NLP so effective. Above all, the programme is very practical and you will find yourself able to implement the strategies immediately in order to gain instant benefits and to make positive changes in your life.

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The programme is designed as a comprehensive introduction for anyone interested in gaining an insight into the powerful world of NLP, regardless of background. There are no entry requirements. In the past NLP has been found especially useful for people in the following groups:

Managers. NLP provides us with strategies to build rapport quickly with anyone, enabling more effective communication, better relationships and enhanced influencing skills.

Therapists and Counsellors. By establishing rapport with clients quickly, we can facilitate change more effectively. NLP also offers a vast range of techniques which enable clients to achieve fast and permanent change.

Business Coaches. NLP is now recognised as the more effective technology for enabling change, since it offers strategies to assist at each stage of coaching process.

Trainers and Teachers. NLP offers understanding of what you can do to empower people to learn easily and effortlessly.

Sales Professionals. NLP has for many years been seen as a set of indispensable and powerful tools for sales people.

Health Professionals. NLP offers a variety of ways to help people attain balance in their lives, integrating conflict, letting go of negative emotions and achieving greater congruence.

Individuals. Some people use NLP to get more of what they want, others find NLP particularly useful in making changes in their life. Some achieve transformations whilst others find that it helps them make gradual and incremental changes.


  • Set goals to ensure that you get more of what you want
  • Use powerful strategies to get the results you want
  • Apply the “5 keys to Success” to your personal and professional life
  • Create and maintain rapport (the key to influencing)
  • Interpret others’ language in new and revealing ways
  • Build successful relationships
  • Empower yourself and others
  • Access powerful changes in the way you feel

The training will consist of presentations, discussions and small group exercises. The programme is very practical and you will find yourself able to implement the exciting new strategies immediately in order to gain instant benefits and make positive changes in your life straight away!

You will also be encouraged to plan actions that will enable you to maximise the benefits which you can derive from the course.


“Brilliant. I would like more.”
Barbara Wilding, Assistant Chief Constable

“Professional, warm atmosphere.”
Lionel Sherman, G.P.

“I enjoy courses which allow me to discuss and explore what I want, and I have respect for trainers who are flexible enough to do this.”
Stewart Beaumont, Head of Training & Development

“Possibly the most useful educational experience I have ever participated in.”
Dean Leverett, Ecotoxicologist

“I have attended numerous courses and seminars. I regard this as the most useful.”
Ian Hawthorn, Solicitor

“I think it has given me a refreshing new perspective on life and people.”
Ray Lawrence, Writer

“I came on behalf of my business but found it useful for me as a person as well – totally fulfilling”
Tony Lord, Project Manager, Consignia

“Every part of the course was stimulating, useful.”
Peter Griffiths, G.P.

“The best run and most interesting course I’ve attended.”
Jane Conyers, Assistant Vice President – Banking

“The course was excellent and exceeded my expectations.”
Alex Owen, Health Club Manager

“Extremely interesting and hugely useful”
Barbara Carter, Network Marketing Consultant

“This course has inspired me to live my dreams”
John Thompson, Business Continuity Manager, Consignia
Managing Stress

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