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Managing Stress

This 1 day course will help you to identify the causes and symptoms of your stress and learn strategies which will enable you to take back control of your life!

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Influencing for Success

This exciting 2 day programme will give you a set of dynamic tools that will enable you to create and maintain rapport with anyone quickly and develop to transform your influencing skills!

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**New** Handling Difficult Conversations

A 1 day course aimed at Mangers who need to deal assertively and sensitively with thir people in challenging situations such as redundancy, performance management, changes occuring in respect of restructuring etc

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Coaching the NLP Way

This 2 day course will enable you harness the powerful strategies of NLP to enhance your coaching and discover the difference that makes the difference

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**New** Employee Engagement

This 2 day course is aimed at Mangers who wish to work 'smarter not harder' by accessing and harnessing the true potential offered by their people. It will offer practcal strategies for enaging people leading to greater motivation, creativity and productivity.

To perform at our optimal best, we need to feel involved and that we are able to positively effect our organisation - simply put, we need to be engaged.

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"Clearly, leading by values is very different from some kinds of leadership demonstrated in the past by business. It is empowering, and I think that's much healthier. Rather than burden our people with excessive controls, we are trusting them to make decisions and to act based on values - values they themselves shaped."
Samuel J. Palmisano
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of IBM

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Living The Values Workshops

Many successful companies such as IBM*, BT, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG put much of their effectiveness down to the fact they have shared corporate values which support and unify everyone in the organisation on the basis of what is agreed to be fundamentally important to all. By sharing values we can predict one another’s behaviours and are likely to feel safer, more comfortable, more trusting of each other. This can lead in turn to a greater sense of belonging in which living the values becomes a condition for being part of the community

The potential benefits of Values:

  • Enhances employee loyalty through involvement and participation
  • Greater trust and loyalty from customers, suppliers and others
  • Faster decision making
  • Synergistic working at all levels

Often organisations pay “lip service” to values and the values amount to little more than words on paper, leaving employees feeling cynical about future change initiatives. To really reap the potential benefits of having corporate values, they need to be lived everyday by everyone.

Whether your company already has established values which may have got “stuck” or you would like to implement a values programme, these workshops can maximise the benefits which are possible to achieve by launching such an initiative.

These workshops are dynamic and based on the specific needs of your organisation right now. There are however a number of key sessions which can be selected from the following list:

  • What are “Values”
  • Identify a set of core values
  • Launching the values programme
  • Explore the meaning of the values
  • Consider how the values can be lived by everyone
  • Overcoming difference
  • What does committing to the values mean?
  • How do we truly live the values?
  • What happens when things go wrong

* To see what Samuel J. Palmisano (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of IBM) has to say about values go to www.ibm.com/ibm/values/us/

If you would like to discuss how you can “Live the Values”, please call us now on 01279 507986.